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Please contact our professional coaches to see which program is suitable for you.

01. beginner

02. intermediate

03. Junior

04. Elite

Our group PROGRAMS

Beginner 启蒙课程

Designed for beginners in order to develop their interest and potential in badminton. Classes will be focused on basic badminton techniques and footwork. Students who show great improvement will advance to higher level program.


Designed for players who already acquired basic badminton techniques and wanted to continue to pursue their passion for badminton.

junior team 青苗课程

Designed for talented young players who aim for participating in Provincial tournaments(Provincial A & Provincial B) in the future. In order to compete in the Provincial level, players are suggested to train 2-3 times per week(including private lesson, group lesson and ladder).

elite team 精英课程

Designed for players who want to participate in National tournaments. To compete at the National level, players are suggested to train 3-4 times per week(including private lessons, group lessons, and ladder).

Other programs

ladder 内部比赛

To prepare our players for upcoming tournaments, the club will hold a ladder(internal tournaments) every week. Matches will be arranged by our coaches and advice will be given on-site to help our players improve their tactical and technical skills. For selected players ONLY. Please discuss with your coach to see if you qualify for joining Ladder.

private lessons 私教课程

We provide private lessons, semi-private lessons and small group lessons to junior players and adults. Talk to our staff today and choose the time that fit your own schedule and level!

adult lessons 成人课程

All experts were once beginners! No matter if you are a beginner or an expert, come join our adult group lessons to improve your skill level and have fun with other badminton enthusiasts!

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